Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between certified and uncertified application?
nswer: A certified application is obtained prior to the application being lodged with a permit authority (local council) and can be made for any class of building.  ALPHA Certified helps with this type of application.  Certified applications are different to uncertified applications, in that permit authorities have a MAXIMUM of 10 business days to issue a building permit for a complete certified application.  Uncertified applications can only be lodged for single residential buildings or associated non-habitable buildings and the permit authority has 25 days to issue a building permit, given the provided documentation is in order.  Delays may occur, should additional information be required.
Question: If I get my plans certified, do I still require a building permit from Local Government?
nswer: Yes, local government, referred to as the permit authority in the new Building Act 2011, remains the only body that can issue a building permit (licence) for both certified and uncertified applications.  Certifying a complete application simply limits the time taken to obtain a building permit to 10 days.  ALPHA Certified can help you complete and lodge your application for a building permit from the issuing authority. 
Question: What are the benefits of having my plans certified?
nswer: Whether you are building a new home or require a retrospective approval for an existing, unapproved structure, you will benefit by having your plans ALPHA Certified.  ALPHA Certified applications have to be processed quicker by local government (maximum 10 business days vs. 25 days for uncertified) and we ensure that you do not pay any more for this priority service. 
Question: Why should I get my application for a retrospective approval certified?
nswer: If you have been frustrated by unapproved structures hindering a smooth sale of your home, ALPHA Certified can help.  Unapproved patios, sheds, home additions and alterations can cause a BIG hassle at the eleventh hour; delaying settlement, forcing renegotiations and sometimes jeopardising the sale.  ALPHA Certified can remedy this.  ALPHA Certified will provide you with a “Certificate of Building Compliance” for lodgement at local government for a retrospective building permit (Building Approval Certificate).  You will benefit by having your complete certified application approved by your local permit authority within a MAXIMUM of 10 business days, often even sooner, allowing the sale to progress smoothly and without unnecessary delays.  Some local governments have CEASED to certify certain unapproved structures.  Those that still do, have an UNLIMITED amount of time to certify them.  We will certify in 1-3 days.
Question: What is an occupancy permit?
nswer: In order to occupy commercial and public buildings, an occupancy permit is required.  This permit sets out the building’s classification under the Building Code of Australia and the use approved under planning laws.  ALPHA Certified will carry out an inspection to ensure the building is safe to occupy and provide you with an appropriate certification enabling quicker council approval.

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